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Being a project manager comes with its own perks and drawbacks. You’d have to lead an entire project, plan it, organize it, supervise it and control it until the very end of its execution. What’s more, you’d have to constantly work with a team, and be an excellent multi-tasker.

Well, how about an HR? Or a consultant? Being the sole binding source between an organisation’s management and its employees isn’t certainly plain sailing. Overseeing the onboarding, training the employees, establishing a company culture, may all sound easier than they are to do.

“My job is easy and effortless”, said nobody ever. Whether you are an engineer, a manager, a director, an analyst, a health coach, a professor, or even the CEO of a company, every job has its own advantages and downsides. Every job takes passion combined with consistent, personal efforts to organically thrive and grow.

In today’s pandemic-struck world, being a student isn’t particularly trouble-free, either. Attending virtual lectures, catching up with lessons and making notes simultaneously can be dreary and confusing at the same time. 

Regardless of your profession, what if there was a one-size-fits-all application to make every job a little bit more simpler, organised and efficient? 

Marsview Notes, an AI-powered, automated meeting assistant — the first of its kind — was made with a vision to supercharge the employee experience for all remote meetings. 

Ever since the world was hit by the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees were forced to collectively face something that nobody had dealt with before — the challenges of working from home, the strangeness of quarantine, the likelihood of personal/economic loss. 

The number of employees relying on Zoom, Google Meet or WebEx has shot up exponentially, and these applications have undeniably played a great role in normalizing the remote working culture. Although the said applications help provide seamless communication during virtual meetings and video conferences, there is, however, some friction. One would still have to spend a substantial amount of time to record the meetings, summarize the key points, take down notes and action items to be referenced during the later scheduled meetings. This whole process can be taxing, inaccurate, and inefficient. 

This is where the Marsview Notes comes in. So what exactly does Marsview Notes do, and how is it helpful?

  1. Marsview Notes, is a meeting assistant that primarily captures everything that’s spoken, shown or written on a video. Being AI-powered, the application is conditioned to accurately transcribe all that is said during your video conferences. 
  2. Using advanced AI technologies, the application analyses what has been said, and writes down simple, comprehensive notes without missing a beat. Not only does it summarize the notes after analyzing it with high precision, it also sends out the simplified, personalized notes to the user via email. 
  3. Having integrated with Zoom, Meet, WebEx and several video conferencing applications, Marsview Notes, lets you host and schedule meetings. As and when the scheduled meeting is set up, the application runs in the background, and you can focus on paying attention to the lecture/conversation because Marsview Notes does the rest of the work for you.
  4. You can either host the meeting and get delivered personalized notes, or you could get the transcribed notes delivered to you by simply sharing the details of the meeting link hosted by another user. 
  5. Past recordings can be uploaded from the cloud and the meeting specifics can be left for Marsview Notes to be deciphered. Links to YouTube videos can also be added to enhance your learning from the same. Along with this, the application can be enabled for any future meeting that is scheduled and the live note-taking feature will simplify the meeting for you.
  6. You can add comments, highlight key points and screen grab a particular video/audio (Yes, audio files can be uploaded too!) session. You can also use the semantic search engine to access important information once the notes are generated. The application is extremely user-friendly and simple to understand.
  7. From scheduling a meeting to delivering the meeting discussion items, absolutely everything is automated and makes your job easier for you.

Janani Kanchi, Project Manager at Exafort says, “Marsview Notes is a game-changer for all project managers who spend a lot of their productive time writing meeting notes.”

When your job requires you to multi-task, would you rather focus on what matters the most or spend your time on mundane tasks like taking notes?

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