MARSVIEW NOTES Release Notes Version-2


App Version: Version 1.1

Release Date: May 4, 2020

Description:      Note-taking application for live and recorded meetings and conversations, AI powered, cloud service, instantly searchable, accessible on any device, available for individuals, teams and enterprises.

Integrations:     Integrates with video and web conferencing solutions and supports file based saved recordings.

Compatibility:     Supports MP4, AVI, M4A, WAV formats for video and audio calls.

Notes Application runs well on Chrome, Safari and FireFox browsers.

Deployment:       Available as a cloud service on a subscription basis

Optional on-premise installations supported for Enterprise accounts

Pricing Model:   Free up to 5 meetings. Chargeable based on plan type.

What’s supported in version 1.1?

  • User Login – supports local user name and password registration, OAUTH login via Google or Microsoft.
  • My Recordings – this page lists all meeting recordings that are currently in process and already processed from where users can access meeting notes for review.
  • Integrations – presently supports integration with YouTube, BrightCove, File System. As new integrations are made available such as Zoom, WebEx and so on, they will be listed on this page.
  • Manage account – this page allows users to manage their profile and account settings.
  • Import Audio/Video button on the main page allows users to upload files for processing.
  • File Processing – after the file is uploaded to the cloud, Marsview automatically begins the annotation and indexing of the content to generate metadata. This metadata is used to create notes, actions, transcript and so on.
  • Notes Tab – shows topics, participants, meeting activity, notes, actions, questions, screen grabs, audio player and a video player. Key topics discussed that are spoken and/or shown on screen. Participants list includes faces and speakers that are identified by the application. Meeting activity shows activities like presentation, demo and so on that can be accessed quickly for review. Notes are key statements mentioned in the meeting. Actions and Questions are extracted based on conversation type.
  • Transcript Tab – this is the full audio script by speaker. Speaker name can be entered by the users.
  • This is an active application where any word or topic that is selected, you will be taken to the exact point in the video or audio for quick review.
  • Search – allows semantic search of the recording for easy accessibility to interest points and topics in a recorded meeting.
  • Email summary – the application automatically sends an instant, comprehensive summary or minutes of the meeting to the meeting host.
  • Download – the meeting summary can also be downloaded in a local file format.
  • Disconnecting Zoom – allows the user to turn off the access to Zoom cloud recordings. Here, the user is given an option to grant permission for Marsview to retain recordings history data or not.
  • Delete Recording – gives the user ability to remove saved recordings in Marsview Notes app >My Recordings list. Performing this operation will permanently remove the recording file links and the data.